My place, my space.

Wow, time sure passes quickly, whether you’re having fun or not. Luckily, I’m having fun. Today is March 10th, which means that roughly 1/3 of my month as Maker-In-Residence has gone by already. Lots of activity without much visible progress to show for it (yet), but that is about to change. I’m planning to have the physical build of Camera #1 finished by this coming Friday. Between now and then I’ll have lots to blog about related to Camera #1.

But first, a quick overview of my workspace in the Westport Library.

The Westport Library has been a leader in bringing the library-based MakerSpace concept to fruition. The Library opened its own MakerSpace in 2012 (see press coverage here), and has been co-hosting the Westport Mini Maker Faire since 2012 as well (coming April 26, 2014 – the Third Westport Mini Maker Faire).

The Library’s MakerSpace occupies a prominent position in the “Great Hall”:


It’s full of 3D printers and tools and projects and kids and adults and constant activity.

Just around the corner, right outside of the MakerSpace is the place that the Library has reserved for my use during the month of March:


It’s a great place to work, to meet people, and to answer questions about my all-sky camera plans. This is not your father’s Oldsmobile library. Much more than books, newspapers, and magazines. No stern-faced, stereotypical librarians warning people to shhhhhhhh. Instead, a table where people drop by to work together on solving jigsaw puzzles; an exhibit of awesome, modern-day tintype photographs (where next week the photographer will drive his custom tintype lab truck onto the floor to explain his process in detail); a pair of slightly scaled-down aircraft models, with their structure fully-exposed to view (built in the MakerSpace, of course) hangs overhead as if in mid-flight around a nearby race pylon; a reference desk that’s always a hub of activity; occasional public talks right in the middle of the books; places to talk, places to study, places to hang out, and a cafe to boot. Oh, and did I mention books and newspapers and magazines, too?

You can see some of the parts that I’ve gathered for Camera #1 jumbled together in the box on the table at the right. Here’s a closer view of some of those raw materials:


A hunk of PVC tubing; a Raspberry Pi Model B with WiFi adapter and camera module; a Raspberry Pi expansion board from Adafruit; an imitation security camera from Harbor Freight; an HDPE cutting board, also from Harbor Freight; a cheap fisheye lens adapter; a bunch of batteries and battery holders; and some test 3D printouts of some experimental parts. More parts will be joining them, “real soon now”. So be sure to come back and visit again as Camera #1 takes shape.


©2014 by Edward Kalin. All rights reserved.


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